It took significantly longer than I expected, but the RoboZZle demo video is finally on YouTube.

The video made the reddit front page, so you can read the usual mixture of insightful, funny, and outright insane comments on the reddit page and the YouTube page.

My favorite funny comment is this one:

And finally, this is the video:


10 Comments to “My YouTube debut: a RoboZZle demo video”

  1. Fjordo says:

    I don’t understand how to sign up for an account on the robozzle site

  2. Do you have Silverlight installed? If not, you need to install it… you should see a link at Once you have Silverlight installed, go to again, and the ‘Register’ link will be in the top right corner of the game.

  3. Fjordo says:

    I do have it installed and I’ve been playing the game, but I don’t see a register link. On the right side, I see a “most puzzles solved” switching with “most solved today” but there doesn’t appear to be anything else to me.

  4. Fjordo says:

    I figured it out. I’m on a UMPC, so my vertical resolution is only 600. It was cutting off the top of the screen. By doing fullscreen mode (f11) I was able to see it.

    Thanks for your help and for a great game! You should make an iPhone port :)

  5. Eylon Yogev says:

    Hey! I love the game.
    I would like to write an algorithm that would solve the puzzle and compare different algorithms: Simulated annealing, Genetic algorithm.
    Any chance you provide some API for the game, or release the code?


  6. Hi Eylon,

    The game is already sufficiently open to allow you to implement a solver:

    – The server code is open-source:
    – The javascript client is also open-source, in the same codeplex project
    – There is an existing open-source RoboZZle solver. It is not very optimized, and it loads screenshots… In the meantime, I added better ways of getting at the puzzle data.

    Keep me updated on how your project goes, and let me know if you need some assistance or ideas.

  7. Cosmin says:


    I am a CS student and for my Bachelor’s degree project, I would like to implement your robozzle game for Android. I saw there is no Android app implemented yet. Of course, I will not make it a commercial project (unless you allow it to :) ) and will give full credit for the idea to you. Is it ok with you? Is there any chance I can connect the mobile application with your website, in order to use/rate/comment the puzzles? Thanks.
    P.S: you created the most fun puzzle game I ever played :)

  8. Anil says:

    Wow! RoboZZle is very cool.. I liked it. You might want to try this sometime:

  9. Julie says:

    I only recently discovered “RoboZZle” (actually it was mentioned in an educational journal). I am using it with 4th and 5th grade students before the Lego robots unit.
    My only problem with the site is the comment section. As usual there are people who post inappropriate comments, which are not suitable for elementary age students. Is there any way to block the comment section, or make it available only after loginng in?

  10. Sergey says:

    Great Game. Thank You!

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