google.pngSays who? Google search engine, none other. Yesterday, I searched for my name, and my blog appeared as the fourth link. That surprised me, because I did not intend to make the blog public before I have some content here. As far as I know, nobody links here so far, so I didn’t expect Google to find me. Maybe they automatically index newly registered domains?

Anyways, now that Google says I exist, and on top of that is my blog,  I better get to blogging. I don’t want to disappoint the Google spiders.

So far, Igor Ostrovsky, software developer from Staten Island gets the first and third Google result. The second belongs to Igor Ostrovsky from Brookline, MA. The next three results are mine, closely followed by Igor Ostrovsky, a swimming coach and creator of underwater wrestling (!). My ambition is to be the Igor Ostrovsky in the world one day. Igor Ostrovsky from Staten Island, watch out!

Here is the current ranklist:

Rank Igor Ostrovsky
1. Igor Ostrovsky from Staten Island, NY
2. Igor Ostrovsky from Brookline, MA
3. Igor Ostrovsky from Seattle, WA aka me
4. Igor Ostrovsky, underwater wrestling inventor


One Comment to “It’s official: I exist”

  1. Looks like you’ve succeeded :)

    If I could only delete that freaking comment from ASPin it would’ve happened much earlier :)

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