I wrote this in June 2008, and so it is not particularly up-to-date.

My name is Igor Ostrovsky and I am a developer on the Parallel Computing team at Microsoft. Much of my time is spent working on the Parallel LINQ project, but I also contribute to other projects across our team.

It has been nearly a year since I joined Microsoft full-time, and much has happened in that year. Our team shipped a Community Technology Preview, I spoke at Seattle Code Camp, attended Super Computing Conference 2007, and recorded a Channel9 video.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of British Columbia. My undergraduate thesis was related to aspect-oriented programming language, and I am a co-author on a paper called “Lightweight virtual machine support for AspectJ“.

During my time at University of British Columbia, I became involved with its excellent ACM ICPC programming team. I practiced pretty obsessively, and ended up solving over 1,000 problems on a site that hosts problems from past contests. All the work paid off in the last year of my degree, when my team won the regionals, advanced to the world finals, and placed 14th. I am still active in the TopCoder online programming contests, and you can find my profile here.

My posts will mostly concentrate around features of programming languages, parallel programming, algorithms, and software development in general. I spend much of my time working with Microsoft technologies, so expect a strong focus on the .Net framework and C# in particular.

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  1. Papenoo says:

    I have modified article from my personal blog following your instruccions.


    Thanks for all.

  2. Yasmine says:


    Could you send your e-mail please ?


  3. Frank Krueger says:

    Yeah, Igor, we need an email address.

  4. @Frank: But it’s right up there, in the sidebar! ;-) I added it after Yasmine’s message. I should probably add it into the About section as well.

    For now, I’ll just repeat it here: “If you want to contact me, my email alias is igoros and I use GMail.”

    Make sure to send me a URL once your podcast is up!

  5. Igor, privet! I’m not sure if you are Igor, son of Gregory. That time, in 1981, I, you and your family lived in St. Paul, MN. and you were going to attend university.

    If yes, please give me phone # of your father, Gregory.
    Or you may give him my phone: (503) 643-8348

    Pavel Goberman
    (503) 643-8348

  6. Hi Igor,

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gil and I work at Typemock.
    I saw your name as a speaker in several conferences on software development and I am positive that you know that unit testing is one of the current trending topics. You know how this is so problematic with concurrent apps.

    Typemock make tools that make .NET unit testing powerful yet easy.
    Our main products are:
    Typemock Racer – Detects deadlocks in multithreaded code

    Typemock Isolator – Unit testing productivity enhancer and
    isolation frameworkTypemock Tracker – Tracks the unit testing
    efficiency of individuals and entire teams.

    If this interests you I will gladly further discuss this with you.
    Also please note that we have a Typemock insiders program, kind of like Microsoft MVP, it entitles participants to several benefits, including a free license and special previews for new features.
    If this is something you are interested in I will gladly further discuss this with you.

    Best regards,

    Gil Zilberfeld
    Typemock (www.typemock.com)

  7. micke hellberg says:

    Hi Igor.

    Great game/educational app that robozzle is. Wont you please make it an android app. It would do really well. The perfect app for when you have a little time left over. Android is flooded with bad games and yours is already proven and sesmingly simple to implement. Do it on a donation basis and you should get some results.


  8. Micke, interesting suggestion. I am not too familiar with game development for android, but I’ll check it out.

    Ultimately, it is somewhat unlikely that I’d find the time to port RoboZZle to android anytime soon… it would be more likely for me to partner with another developer.

  9. Ricardo Figueroa says:

    Hi igor,
    is there any personal email where i can write you.

    I have a few questions about object pooling. *advanced)
    it seems you might have the answers i’ve been looking for.



  10. Jeremy says:

    Igor, I could see you sweating on stage at PDC 2009 but you did a terrific job!

    Well done:)

  11. Mike says:

    Could you provide a printer-friendly version of the articles?

  12. Cigam says:

    Nice blog , I have subscribed this.

  13. pookie pie says:

    Hi hot stuff! love u babe

  14. Only a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw outstanding style and design. “Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad.” by Christina Georgina Rossetti.

  15. zhou says:

    Thanks so much!

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